The vast majority of my time is spent dealing with major and emergency surgery at Hillingdon Hospital, where I am also head of department. I run a very small private practice at BMI Bishops Wood. I see mostly NHS patients there via the NHS e-referral system.

BMI Bishops Wood Hospital is most suitable for day case surgery, such as hernias, haemorrhoids and colonoscopy, in people with few other medical problems. I no longer perform lap cholecystectomy at BMI Bishops Wood.

I agree to adhere to major insurance companies' fee schedules for financial year 2018-19, unless costs are not covered.

Please do not assume that I will know anything about you before we meet. If you wish me to review your case and previous investigations beforehand, you must let me know.

I will bill from your insurance company on your behalf for free.

Please remember that if you see me as a private patient, the "contract" is between the patient and the doctor, not the insurance company and the doctor. I am not an employee of your insurance company. If your insurance will not pay, you may be liable for all costs. You must check with your insurance that you are covered beforehand and obtain an authorisation code.

Please contact me directly if further details are required.

Recognised by all major insurance companies 

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